piq tennis

Far more than just a sensor, PIQ ROBOT™ is a powerful nano-computer that analyzes thousands of datapoints in real-time. PIQ ROBOT™ then displays in real time all the exact performances of your game, such as speed, strength, or precision… and much more. You play, It knows.


Much more than a sensor, embed the power of the PIQ ROBOT™ Blue on your wrist to identify your key strengths and leverage them to win. The boxing-sensor system provides you with real-time actionable information that will allow you to improve your punches, including speed of punch, G-force at impact, and retraction time. Wear it while shadow boxing, hitting a bag, mitt training, or sparring.


With PIQ ROBOT Blue you can learn details about your punch technique, and find ways to improve. See a detailed dashboard with your performance logged daily, weekly or monthly. Our intelligent system knows exactly how much power and speed went into each punch.


Leave your smartphone in your pocket, and enjoy distance to the green directly on your glove. Mobitee has catalogued and mapped more than 35 000 golf courses enabling you to enjoy your round anywhere in the world.


The Rossignol Piq ski sensor is promised to provide unprecedented detail about your skiing. The device tracks air time, g-forces, in-air rotation, edge-to-edge transition time and more. Gizmag has been putting it through its paces to see if it lives up to that promise.


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